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DUI/DWAI Services

  • Initial Consultation, 30 minutes: FREE
  • Level I & II Diagnostic Intake Enrollment Assessment: $75
  • Level I Education, 12hrs over 3 sessions: $300 total
  • Level II Education, 24hrs over 12 weeks, 2hr group session: $25
  • Level II Therapy, 2hr group session: $25
  • Interlock Enhancement Counseling, 2hr group session: $25
  • Interlock Enhancement Counseling, 30 minute individual session: $25


DUI & Court-Ordered Substance Use Disorder Assessments

Level I DUI Education

12 hours of DUI education over a minimum 3-day period, not more than 4 hours can be conducted in one calendar day.

Level II DUI Education

24hrs DUI education over 12wks.

Level II DUI Treatment

Track A- 42hrs/21wks 

Track B- 52hrs/26wks 

Track C- 68hrs/34wks 

Track D- 86hrs/43wks

Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC)

IEC consists of 10hrs of individual and group counseling over a 5-month period. Specifically, 4 individual sessions (30 mins each about once a month) and 4 group sessions (2hrs each about once a month). Successful completion of the IEC program hrs may count toward Level II Treatment requirement.

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