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Minor in Possession (MIP) Services 

  • Initial Consultation, 30 minutes: FREE
  • MIP Education, 4hr Group Session: $100
  • 8hrs total required for 1st offense
  • MIP Treatment Diagnostic Intake Assessment: $100
  • MIP Treatment, 90 min group session: $30
  • 12 hrs total for 2nd offense; 20 hrs for 3rd offense

MIP Education/Intervention Level of Care 

MIP education shall be for youth that have received their first MIP citation. When possible, agencies should do all they can to conduct separate groups; 17 and under, and 18 to 20 year olds. 

MIP education shall be at minimum, eight (8) hours of education, completed over no less than a two (2) day period with no more than 4 hours a day. Parental involvement shall be encouraged for a minimum of two (2) of the 8-hour class, for youth 17 and under. 

MIP Treatment Level of Care 

A.) 2nd MIP Offense

A treatment agency shall use screening and assessment instruments developed specifically for minors that are comprehensive, culturally and developmentally appropriate, and approved by DBH. 

2nd offense MIP therapy shall be conducted in outpatient settings, shall be a minimum of twelve (12) hours in duration over eight (8) weeks and shall not exceed 1.5 hours per session. Parental involvement shall be encouraged for a minimum of four (4) of the required twelve (12) hours for clients seventeen (17) and under. 

B.) 3rd and Subsequent MIP Offense

Youth receiving a 3rd MIP offense will complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of substance abuse treatment over a thirteen (13) week period, or more if determined by a clinical assessment, with groups not to exceed 1.5 hours. 

Multiple levels of care and recovery support services shall be offered that meet the needs of the client and family members, when appropriate. Parents, when appropriate, are encouraged to participate throughout the length of treatment.

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